Amethyst – properties and uses

NOTE: I love crystals and the properties they are said to possess. I create bracelets using various crystals and I like to consider how one of my bracelets might help the wearer. You don’t have to believe in their powers to enjoy them… so, I’ll be talking about crystals a lot mainly because it’s too cold to garden in Washington state right now.

Amethyst is a beautiful, purple crystal is a semi-precious stone once called a “Gem of Fire” in times past.  Throughout history, amethyst has been used to avoid overindulging.

Amethyst has a high frequency that removes negative energy and helps create a proactive shield around the body.

Amethysts properties include:

  • Removes negative energy
  • Enhances perception and intuition
  • Brings wisdom and greater understanding
  • Relieves stress and brings humility
  • Comforts those who are grieving
  • Increases creativity and passion
  • Helps increase focus and success

Amethyst uses:

  • Wear on the body for protection
  • Use in healing rituals
  • Can recharge other crystals
  • Increases psychic abilities

Amethyst should be cleared under running water occasionally.

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