Hemp oil for health and wellness

Am I advocating hemp oil?

I’m all about health and doing what you can to improve health and wellness. If hemp oil works for you, I say go for it (do what you love). Even if you just ‘think’ it helps, that is HUGE in my opinion. This time of year where I live, it’s so grey that anything that helps with those ‘blahs’ is a win, in my opinion.

Is there a stigma attached to it? Possibly. I know my parents’ generation would have a lot to say about it but I’m not going to ask for their opinion, so… I honestly don’t know but would love your opinions (let me know in the comments.) That said, have I tried it? Absolutely. I use the topical stuff (both oil and lotion) pretty often, as does my partner in crime, Brian. Overall, we’ve been very happy with the results.

What is Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil and how does it improve health and wellness

Yes, hemp oil is everywhere. It doesn’t contain the THC that makes you ‘high’ but it still has a ton of benefits. From WebMD:

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is made from hemp, a cannabis plant like the drug marijuana but containing little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gets people “high.” Instead of THC, hemp contains cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical that has been used to treat everything from epilepsy to anxiety.

Hemp is increasingly popular as a remedy for a range of conditions including skin issues and stress. It may contain properties that contribute to reduced risks of illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease, though additional research is necessary. Hemp oil may also reduce inflammation in the body.

In addition to CBD, Hemp oil contains large amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fats, which are two types of unsaturated fats, or “good fats,” and all nine essential amino acids, the materials your body uses to make protein. Here’s more information about nutrients in hemp seed oil and how they may benefit your health.

Health and wellness benefits of hemp oil

For those of us interested in staying as healthy as possible, hemp oil has loads of vitamins (Vitamin C, Magnesium, B Vitamins) and Iron, which is super important if you tend to be anemic, like me. Arginine is supposed to help with heart health, meaning a potential lower rate of heart disease. It’s also supposed to help reduce inflammation and improve your skin (when used as a lotion). There are a ton of topical hemp lotions that work for muscle pain. I’ve tried a few and I like the results.

Some articles seem to say that hemp oil could help with weight loss because it could boost metabolism and reduce weight. Others seem to say exactly the opposite – people who use hemp tend to end up with a higher BMI after 3 years. I’m not here to do any studies or anything like that, just to point out the potential benefits.

The bad side of hemp oil

There is little to no downside, for the most part. Hemp oil contains little to zero THC, so it’s legal in all 50. Some people can develop stomach aches from use or a skin rash from topic use, so it’s important to keep that in mind when first trying.

For topical balm or hemp oil drops, I’d suggest AMMA. (You can even get a sample for free… and yes, this is an influencer link). Cause + Medic has a really nice pain relief lotion and oil (I prefer the oil) that has a nice smell, if you don’t mind that menthol-ish odor, which I kind of love.

Summary: Hemp oil may or may not have solid research that proves it increases health and wellness but the overall outlook is positive. Should you try it? If you watch out for possible skin irritation and tummy upset, absolutely yes. 

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